Hi, and welcome.  I’m a musician who makes photographs, a father and a bumbling student of this big beautiful universe of ours. This small site helps keep me in touch with my old mates, especially those I don’t get to see or talk to very often. It’s also a place to publish the progress of my work in music and photography.

The site shows some of my journey.  What I’ve seen and what I’ve heard. What I’ve managed to produce alone and also in collaboration with others. Whatever inspires me or has inspired my thoughts and creative life.

I played my first gig on the drum kit in 1973 when I was 15, dressed like my drumming hero at the time, Bill Bruford, in a pair of yellow Dungarees. I’m mostly self taught, and have since spent around 40 years playing drum kit, darbuka and hand percussion in a wide variety of bands.  Over those years I worked and toured in original outfits that performed and improvised Jazz, Blues, Country and the Western tradition together with fusions of Bhangra, Flamenco, Latin- American, Mexican, Kletzma, Zydeco, Hungarian, Bulgarian, North African, Cypriot, Irish, Scottish, and finally English folk music.  These days I write and record Soundtracks and Soundscapes.

In the summer of 2012, I was living in coastal Northumberland, working hard to attract my first soundtrack commissions, when the creative Flying Scotsman was seriously derailed by an unscheduled freight train. I was messing around with photography for the first time in over 25 years, trying to make short time lapse movies to accompany my fledgling music portfolio. I spent a first sunset alone up in the remote Cheviots, fumbling with a basic digital camera on manual for the first time. You could say that the experience was life changing, and I was besotted by outdoor photography from that night onwards. I realised that the film making had to wait whilst I learned to use the camera properly.

Having no choice but to come to terms with this new intruder, I now spend much of my creative time working with my eyes, trying to improve my work, as well as my ears. After a couple of years where I met and learned from some very fine photographers, I feel a healthy balance between the two disciplines settling in. 2016 sees me blending the visual with the musical as I return to shooting timelapse, whilst adding my own soundscapes to the work.