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As I work my way through these few boxes of old cassette tapes, CD’s and minidisks, It occurs to me that each track is a cultural document, a snapshot of Nottingham’s local music scene over the last 25 odd years. As well as a record of my own development and that of my peers, they’re also a series of poignant emotional photographs. Memories of good times and good friends, some now sadly no longer with us. Digging around in this stuff has been a journey in itself, with all kinds of memories surfacing and dropping into place.

The music could easily have been left in dusty boxes, never to be heard again. I’m pleased that it won’t be, and I hope that others might have a dig around in their own treasure trove. I have a head full of great memories from each and every one of these bands, and I hope that you might enjoy them as much as I have.

Some of the cassette recordings are approaching 25 years old, so a few audio issues to bear with in places.




rock and alternative


jazz and fusion


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