I recently did my own rescore of a sequence from the movie Skyfall.  Thankfully the Bondcorp have allowed me to use their copyrighted footage on Youtube which is very nice of them and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to publish my stuff alongside theirs.  I love Tom Newman’s original and amazing score but felt inspired to have a go at my own small scale reinterpretation of the sequence.


Shanghai Drive.


Before becoming engrossed in stills photography I was experimenting with short timelapse movies. Here are a couple of early attempts. Neither are of astounding quality since I broke off the fledgling research to take up Landscape Photography, and I never did get around to putting soundtracks to them. But I think its a good thing to see my ealy attempts warts and all. I was drawn to the surreal quality of time lapse after seeing an inspiring short Springwatch movie on Dungeness by Richard Taylor- Jones which you can see here. I shot quite a few of these small movies, including a field of Ox Eye Daisy’s dancing in the breeze, and a torrid sky over Torness Nuclear Power station. It’s a technique I may well pick up on where I left off, sometime in the near future.

The first is ‘Wheatfield with Clouds’  filmed in rural Northumberland with a Nikon D5000 in 2012. Given that I knew next to nothing about contrast and exposure, it didn’t turn out too badly, with a pleasant, but obviously over polarised blue sky. Clouds are nice though!




The second is ‘Sunset in the Cheviots’ and is nothing special… Also filmed using a Nikon D5000 in 2012. It was during the shooting of this that I was smitten by the potential of Landscape photography. Here with the lack of shadow detail, and the hills in total silhouette, it’s pretty obvious that I was well out of my depth with my exposure technique!