To all of the musicians and song writers, over all of the years. To Nottingham, back in the day, an extraordinarily vibrant local music scene. Thank you.

Here are a few links to other artists that I’ve discovered along my path and some others whose work I find inspirational. Click on the links below to see their work.


Photographers. (in no particular order)

Joe Cornish

David Clapp

Mark Littlejohn

Damian Shields

Keith Craven


And a  superb online magazine that’s helped me enormously with every aspect of my photography. I would encourage any aspiring Landscape Photographer to subscribe, there’s an incredible resource held in all of those back issues, and an immense generosity of spirit around the sharing of knowledge. (Even if it is a tad on the geeky side)

on landscape – edited by Tim Parkin.



Arvo Part

Bill Bruford

Bill Stewart

Brian Eno

Django Bates

Jim O Rourke

Joe Morello

Robert Fripp

The Henrys

Tasmin Little

Steve Reich

Thomas Newman

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

There are very many others unmentioned.  Thank you to you all.