rusty and crusty

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1kSalen detail #1

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I’m very drawn to natures ability to create small areas of interest that we can develop as abstract art. I guess I’m probably not the first to notice this stuff. Old shipping wrecks, and harbour detritus are a bountiful source of such delicate detail. Where the elements collide with algae, encrustations and all manner of the haphazard, interacting with man made structure, often brightly painted, often in absolute neglect. It warms me somehow to think that such abandonments can find new life and meaning. Iron and steel at rust and in decline can be spectacular and beautiful when interacting with a salt water environment. Perhaps worthy of further thought, is the notion that this is the world of the microcosmic landscape. As in the larger, grander perspective that we are all constantly aware of, both plant and insect life is bountiful and beautiful, and ever evolving, twisting and changing with the influence of the climate and the challenge of the elements. Nature herself is the sculptor here, I just add my own small twist of interpretation.


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