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Endurance I’m very much drawn to tales from the great age of exploration.  In fact I have a pretty full on interest in all things Antarctic, and avidly consume anything of the exploits of the heroic age and beyond. Probably my favourite version of the Shackleton saga is by Alfred Worsley (The Skipper) in  ‘Shackleton’s Boat Journey’ which I would wholly recommend for an absorbing weekends read. Equally, ‘The Worst Journey in the World’ by Apsley Cherry – Garrard is the work of a quiet genius and tells the story of the Scott tragedy poignantly and with great affection for his lost friends. An early, in fact my first composition back in 2010.


Shanghai Drive. A rescore of the famous scene from the Bond Movie, Skyfall.

I really like Thomas Newman’s original, but wanted to have a go myself.



Popeye Doyle I’ve always had a soft spot for the music of the New York Cop movie genre, and the jazz fusion musicians that used to work on the scores in the 1970’s. The Anderson Tapes by Quincy Jones for example, or Lalo Schifrin’s work. This piece was inspired by Gene Hackman’s characterisation of Popeye Doyle in the French Connection.


An unbearable fondness for the moon  An original sonic palette, taking regular percussion objects and iphone apps and reprocessing them through the studio.  It features my daughter Mahli on Ooh’s and Aah’s, and an unknown Indian Diva with the main melody.


Dunstanburgh. I’ve been holidaying on the Northumbrian coast for the last twenty years, up to four times a year or so, and lived part time there for a year in 2012. This piece was the follow up to Endurance and was the second serious piece of studio composition that I attempted back in 2011. I was interested in developing a more complex harmonic strucure, particularly around the string arrangements in the 7/8 section, and also adding in a more developed approach to counterpoint. The final melody section is pretty much inspired by the Columbian Cumbia rhythm, so beloved of the Latin and Flamenco gig with Mas Y Mas back in 95/96